Group Type:
Government - City
Construction - Residential/Commercial
Retail Category:
Construction & Remodeling
Lavasa Corporation Limited
Town Hall, Portofino Street
Pune, Maharashtra  412112, India
Community Focus:
Arts & Culture
Health & Well-Being
Money & Finance
Housing & Home
Fashion & Clothing
Public Safety & Security
Skills Needed:

About Us

Lavasa is the foremost lifestyle development project in India, providing exceptional value for money through a unique range of facilities and services, supported by world-class infrastructure. 

Driven by an obsession with its customers, Lavasa offers convenient and practical access to a full range of residential and commercial facilities for residents and visitors to Live, Work, Learn and Play in harmony with nature.

Driven by a committed team of experts, Lavasa possesses a unique blend of structural stability and practical vision to provide all its customers and partners with peace of mind.

Lavasa's vision to provide quality, conveniently located and affordable community living will simplify and enhance the lives of its citizens. 

Lavasa Corporation Limited
Town Hall, Portofino Street
Pune, Maharashtra  412112, India

Contact Name: Himanshu Rajani
Contact Email:
Phone: 91 20 66759000
Status Updates
								We're excited to launch our Lavasa Community Network and enjoying the training Keith Zendler of Cspace is giving us... awesome!  

3 years 5 months ago

Posted by Lavasa on 08/08/2014 on Lavasa Network

								We've created a members-only "Lavasa Community Group" for all our residents, employees and partners to interact on a more private basis. Please make sure you join this group if you live or work in Lavasa. You can get to it in the Lavasa Network menu bar.  

3 years 5 months ago

Posted by Lavasa on 07/29/2014 on Lavasa Network

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Lavasa Holidays announces Summer Special Holiday Packages! (April 1 – June 15, 2014)
 Lavasa is a perfect setting for a fun filled family expedition with a plethora of fun activities for all age groups. From breathtaking scenic beauty to rejuvenating spa treatments to thrilling ...
It's a World Record!
 Lavasa Women’s Drive is now ‘Officially Amazing’!  We are proud to announce that Lavasa Women's Drive in its 6th year has set a Guinness World RecordsTM for - Most Female ...
LAVASA played host to India's largest Martial Arts fest!
 Lavasa, in its endeavor to become a sporting destination, hosted the India Martial Arts Fest 2014 (IMAF2014). This 3-day fest was led by Cosmo Zimik (Olympic Coach and Director of Empty Hand Combat, ...


Pune, Maharashtra, India
Departments (5)
Lavasa City Management Services
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Lavasa, Maharashtra, India
Lavasa CMS Admin and Finance
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Lavasa Tourism
Lavasa, Maharashtra, India
Employees (39)
Abhijeet Metha
lavasa, Maharashtra, India
Rohit Nayar
Pune, India
Nitin Bhor
Pune, India
Jyoti Shinde
Pune, India
Community Partners (2)
Steiner India Limited
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Christ Institute of Management
Lavasa, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Connections (78)
Solomon David
Lavasa, Maharashtra, India
Eric Wagner
Toledo, Ohio, United States
Raghavendra Gopal
Lavasa, India
shekhar sathe
Pune, India

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